Beaumont: 409.861.1009 | Port Arthur: 409.982.8878

10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. We are conveniently located close to home and work. Now with two locations, in Beaumont and Port Arthur.

2. We strive to make our our patients achieve their goals. 100% of our patients feel that they have improved. Our statistics show that 44% are Greatly Improved, 35% are Improved, 21% are Somewhat Improved. Don’t you want to make your current condition better?

3. 100% of our current and previous patients would definitely choose us in case they would ever need Physical Therapy again. That means we definitely did something right during their stay.

4. All Physical Therapists, assistants and other clinical support are knowledgeable, experienced & caring. They always strive to be better at what they do to give you the best physical therapy experience.

5. Triangle Therapeutics takes pride in seeing their patients at their scheduled appointment times, and not having to wait.

6. Our facility communicates regularly with referring physicians letting them know of the progress of their patients.

7. The patients at Triangle Therapeutics are treated in a caring family environment. You truly are like family to us!

8. Patients when discharged from treatment are given the tools needed to continue their success.

9. A licensed therapist is present at all times.

10. The atmosphere at our facilities is cheerful, friendly and positive!