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Success Stories

Our Patient’s Success is Our Success! Here are our most recent Success Stories…

“When I first came to Triangle Therapeutics I Could not move my right arm at all. Monica and I both though I may need surgery! But we worked hard and didn’t give up! And thanks to all the people here that didn’t give up on me, I can now move my arm above my head. They knew just what exercises I needed! Bethani gave me exercise to do at home in the pool and they helped so much!

-Cathy Oden

“I have enjoyed every minute of this service. I would recommend it to anybody.

-Ruby Melonson

“Due to lung cancer surgery I developed chronic nerve damage in my upper back which caused pain in my hip and lower back. When I started my therapy my pain level was an average of a 7 on a daily basis and upon completing my sessions I can now say that my level of pain stays 70% of the time at a 4 rating.
Because my lung was removed my breathing becomes difficult and doing 15 minutes of exercise would exhaust me. Now I can ride the bicycle for over 30 minutes, walk the treadmill for 45 minutes and feel great.
If you do the exercises that are recommended for you and work had when going to therapy you will have success.
I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics to anyone that is serious about healing their body.”

-Lucretia Langham

“I would like to thank all the people of Triangle Therapeutics who helped me. I received all the help I could imagine & some that I didn’t imagine. My pain level went to zero, movement went up to 90%. I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics to all that need to rehab & strengthen. Everyone here is willing to help you get where you need to be, to the top of your potential. The staff encourage and lift you up when you feel like it is no use. Positive attitude of everyone is very encouraging. I thank everyone for helping me with the success I have.”

-Sylvia Pier

“I came to Triangle Therapeutics because of severe pain in my neck and left arm and numbness in my left hand. I was skeptical at first as to whether the treatment would work; but after only a couple of weeks I noticed improvement. My exercises were modified as needed when I began to make progress. At the end of my treatment schedule I no longer had any pain the physical therapy relieved all my pain.”

-Princess Franklin

“When I began with Triangle Therapeutics I was in much neck, back, and shoulder pain. Some of the exercise I could not do, but to date I’m feel great. Pain is a part of getting older but with the many exercises I’ve learned I believe I can manage at home. Movement is key to success. I now know if I keep moving I will be ok. I love the staff, they call me their veteran PT patient because I’ve been here so many times. I would never consider any other facility. I loved my therapist Monica. She was so patient with me, but I think I have much respect for her because of her attentiveness to what I needed. Thanks for getting me ready for my daughter’s big day. Tye and the rest of the staff!”

-Glenda Ardoin

“When I first came I had my doubts about physical therapy working. I enjoyed coming but still had all the pain until week 6. After 6 weeks, my neck pain and headaches started diminishing. After 7 weeks, they were gone with no or very little pain. I was wondering why I had to come for 8 weeks, but it proved to be the right solution. Thank you all very much. I’m truly impressed with the process. Thank you so much to Chris, Aaron, Cody, Dustin, Katrina, Noelle, Holly, Bethani, Monica, and my therapist Kerri. You all are awesome!”

-Ron Brisendine

“Therapy gets me out of the house, so improved my depression, made me have more self confidence in myself to be able to exercise with little to no pain.”

-LaConda Loft

“I was having left side of neck issues plus coming across to the left shoulder down to elbow. Within 4 weeks of physical therapy I don’t have any pain from neck to elbow. I still do exercises at home to strengthen my neck.”

-Kristine W. White

“I could not raise my right arm at all. Within a few weeks I could raise it up shoulder height. By the end of my treatment I was able to raise my arm over my head!”

June Badon

“I feel better! Thanks to Monica, Dustin, Chris, George and the entire staff of Triangle Therapeutics. It is easier to accomplish life when my body hurts less. Special thanks to Bethani for being so tough on me and adapting to everything I ever threw at you. Thank you!”

Lendell Manuel

“I was referred to Triangle Therapeutics by my Neurologist because I have Carpal Tunnel disorder and neuropathy. My condition has improved during my treatments. I no longer drop things such as paper, pens, and other objects. The numbness has improved considerably. I would recommend this facility to my family and friends. The staff is friendly, courteous, and interested in my progress.”

-Gwendolyn Spikes

“I had a great experience I always looked forward to coming and I always felt better when I left! Being in the water was wonderful and I would do it again in a minute! Such a huge blessing”

Sara Patterson

“I started coming here six weeks ago and had a lot of pain on my left shoulder and knee. After six weeks of treatment I have no pain at all. Great job from all the staff. Thanks a lot.”


“My experience with Triangle Therapeutics has been fantastic. The entire staff is great. They have worked together to relieve the pain in my shoulder and with good success. I would highly recommend Triangle Therapeutics to anyone.”

-Mike Simon

“I came to this facility about four weeks ago barely being able to walk on my own. The pain in my lower back and right leg was unbearable. After the therapy sessions I have received over the last four weeks, the pain has improved tremendously. I am able to walk short distances without any pain. I would like to thank the staff for all the care compassion they have given me in this ordeal. I feel I am 100% better now than I was when I first started.

-Marilyn Foreman

“When I started here, I was shy and scared. Then Mason brought me some coffee. I was in a lot of back pain, and am able to move more. I am also a lot more comfortable being here and the staff is really nice.


“I have had spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis for years. There will not be totally corrected without surgery. However, the heat and exercises have helped temporarily. The staff is super friendly and yet very professional. I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics to my friends.

-Lyndel Campise

“Before receiving treatment, my neck and lower back pains prevented me from enjoying everyday life. Throughout my visits, I have noticed that the pain in both areas have decreased dramatically. Now, if there is any pain at all in my back, it is mild. Focusing on art has become manageable again for me. I would definitely recommend Triangle Therapeutics to anyone who may be in need of treatment.”

-Lindsey Pate

“Upon beginning therapy I felt discouraged and had little hope of regaining mobility in my arm after having surgery for an on the job injury, I had been previously told by a physician that I would not be able to regain mobility and strength. However, after a few weeks of therapy was progress which, gave me hope and motivated me to push myself beyond what I believed I was capable of doing.”

-L. Thomas

“I never imagined that after my shoulder surgery that I would only be able to raise my arm a few inches. The doctor did not prepare me for all the work I was in for over the next few months. Well, almost 5 months. I couldn’t have been in better hands at Triangle Therapeutics. The staff there is amazing. Everyone there greets you enthusiastically every time you walk through the door. I guess the people there are the part of physical therapy. I saw progress each day I came in, and the exercises were strenuous but effective. I now have most of my range of motion with just a little lingering pain that will hopefully go away in the next few months. I want to thank everyone at Triangle Therapeutics for all their help and wonderful attitude!”

-Johnna Morrison

“Had lower back and side pain when I started therapy. Pressure was applied at each session and I have no pain now.”

-Charles Adkins

“Service and treatment was awesome and I would recommend to anyone…staff was so friendly.”


“When I first came, I could not lay down because there was so pain in my back and neck. Here I am the last day and I feel so good…thanks so much.”

-Lillie M. Williams

“I came to physical therapy with what I thought was two torn ligaments! What they had informed me was that it was just my muscles were very tight. Now I have no pain at all and everyone was very nice!”


“I suffered increasing excruciating neck pain and back range of motion following an auto accident, in which I was rear ended and my vehicle totaled from other drivers failure to control speed. While not completely healed yet, just six months sessions of physical therapy brought me great pain relief and increase in range and motion. I can drive more comfortably and resume moderate lifestyle activity. My therapist provided valuable explanation and information and I can continue my care at home.”

-Carolyn Dixon

“When I first started therapy I didn’t think it would help me because I was in a lot of pain. Everything was explained to me and any question I had was answered on my first visit so I was less anxious and skeptical. After the first few weeks I was feeling much better. This facility has the most friendly and helpful staff, and the treatment you receive here works wonders. I was on crutches for three weeks and now I am able to stand for ten hours on my feel with no pain.”

-Lyndi Morris

“Triangle Therapeutics helped me in several ways. They were patient with me in learning new exercises and were so nice and professional. Physically & Emotionally, I felt better! I always look forward to my visits and appreciate all of the staff.”

-Kelley Singleton-Ramirez

“My experience here was excellent from the front desk all the way to physical therapy treatments.”


“I had no use of my left arm, but now it feels good and I’m able to use it again.”


“When I came to therapy I recently had a stroke and I didn’t think I would be able to lift my arm again…after six weeks of therapy I”m happy to say I can lift my arm again. Thank you Triangle Therapeutics for helping me achieve my goal.”


“I have received excellent therapy here and the staff is wonderful!”


“I came to physical therapy because of swelling in my right arm. Now it’s better than when I came in. This is the only place in Port Arthur that I know that gives treatment for lymphedema. If you need lymphedema treatment, come here. Also, the staff does not make you feel like you’re just another patient. They are very personable and friendly.”

-Jeanette Marshall

“When I came in I was in lots of pain in my left leg. On the first visit I could feel a big difference, I just wish I’d came a lot sooner than I did. I would tell everyone how much this has helped. Everyone has been so nice.”


“Therapy has really helped my foot. I had tendonitis really bad. My left foot doesn’t hurt at all now. The exercises felt good…it was a wonderful experience! Thank you all for helping me!”

-Jessie Douglas

“When I came in my pain was 9, but after therapy it was down to a 2!

-Hebert Marshall

“I am so glad I came here, because I leaving pain FREE! Thanks Everyone!”

-Ronny Jarrell

“Doing very good, people here are very understanding and helpful.”


“I was referred to Triangle Therapeutics by my doctor because of a back and neck injury due to a car accident. The staff was very friendly. I started with a pain level of 8 on a scale of 1-10 and the staff has helped me to have a pain level of 0 within a 6 week time frame. I would refer Triangle Therapeutics to anyone in the future”

-Felice Queen

” After having back surgery I was prescribed aquatic therapy and my doctor recommended Triangle Therapeutics. I have been completely satisfied with my progression and am almost completely free of back pain and can now pick up my grand baby and play with older grand children. Thank you for your care and patience.

-Helen Tuohy

“When I first started my therapy here, I had great difficulty (had surgery on knee) bending my knee and walking with a pronounced limp. After therapy sessions, I can now bend my knee and walk with more confidence. My leg feels a lot better.”

-Rebecca Lamell

“I would not be able to do the things I can do without Triangle Therapeutics. I love the staff and friendly atmosphere.”

-Vicki Collins

“I came for a right shoulder strain and completed my therapy and now I feel great! ”

-Spencer L. Baker

“Although, I’m not considered to be a success story, just because my neck injury is just too bad. What relief I had was due to the excellent treatment here. The staff went beyond helping me, their friendly attitude and explaining how to do exercises was really helpful. I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics to anyone, thanks everyone at Triangle for treating me like family.”

-Mary A. Piletere

“Upon my first visit I was unable to squat or do any strenuous activity. The staff worked well with me getting me back to my usual physical self. I would highly recommend friends and family who are looking for professional and excellent service to give Triangle a call. ”

-Dora Madison

“You all helped me a lot, much better then when I started. Keep up the good work. ”

-Sadie Antoine

“I have experienced some improvement overall, but I do feel I need more therapy.”

-Esther Turner

“When I first came in, my left arm was very limited in use. After weeks of therapy, I have regained full use of my left arm and decreased the pain in my neck.”

-Serena Lombard

“After a bad sprain, I’ve had four weeks of therapy and now leaving for a 2,200 mile back packing trip.”

-Stephanie McBride

“This experience is my third, each for a different injury. I have been completely satisfied with my experience. My pain level was 8-9 when I started and it is “O” now. The staff is wonderful and they make the time spent pleasant.”

-Dorothy Wheaton

“Greatly improved on since coming to therapy as compared to when I first came here. Almost 100% no pain…better than before surgery!”

-E. Suzanne Breaux

“My core strength has drastically improved. My pain has disappeared and therapy has greatly improved my core and back strength. The stall has been a pleasure. They make you feel comfortable and never pressured. It was a great experience! Thanks!”

-Brian Johnson

“When I first came to Triangle my foot was swollen, discolored and very painful and when I started my therapy and finished it even though my feet are flat I am pain free. My color is coming back and the swelling is gone. Thank you very much Triangle Therapeutics. India, Chris, Aaron & Ed, God Bless you all! “

-Debbie K. Green

“I’ve been to therapy three times for three different problems and the first time I got great results. I would recommend this place to anyone that needs therapy and they have a great staff.”

-Theodore Wissing

“I have never had very much pain, this has been a new and pleasant experience for me.

-Wilma “Ann” Polk

“I came in hurting and could hardly walk. I was going to be in a wheelchair or scooter soon. It’s been six weeks and I’m walking and only on occasion I have any pain. Only when standing for long periods of time. The staff have been so pleasant, I’ve enjoyed my time here.”


“Since the first day my mom had therapy she’s feeling better and walking normal now. Thank you for all the help you have given her through therapy.”

-Chan Pham

“My should pain gradually went away while I attended therapy and now there’s minimum pain.”

-Juan Alvarez

“Have more strength now in my legs, since I’ve been doing physical therapy.”

-Shirley Jeanis

“The exercises really helped strengthen my legs, I am continuing them at home. I have not fallen since I started therapy.”

-Sandra Jordan

“When I first came in for treatment I was in extreme pain. Allen explained that my treatments would be done without cause me additional pain. They pushed me to do my best without hurting me. I have improved my neck mobility and able to do most things a lot more comfortably. I will continue my exercise at home and would continue my therapy if my insurance would pay for more. I am extremely happy with my care here.”

-Suzanne Smith

“I came to Triangle Therapeutics unable to stand from a chair without holding on to something with back pain following surgery. Now I can walk up stairs, stand from a sitting position without holding on. I have increased core and upper body strength that will make going to work so much easier. The quality of care I received here was excellent. The staff is very nice and work with you no matter how long you come. Every day is treated as your first and you are watched and asked if you are okay and they sure are working the parts and not injuring yourself. If you have other symptoms, these are dealt with immediately with a chance of omission in those exercises that are hindering you. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! Actually going to miss coming!

-Crystal Babino

“The exercises really helped strengthen my legs…I’m continuing them at home. I have not fallen since I started therapy.”

“I did not know how weak my legs were. Since therapy they are much stronger…the staff were very good with me. I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics to a friend or someone in search of a very good therapy clinic.”

-Theodore P. Victor

“The reason I came here was because my doctor said my muscles were rigid, and it was causing a lot of pain. He didn’t want to put me on pain medications…now there is no pain. The staff is friendly, and treats you with respect. They are very knowledgeable. I recommend anybody that has muscular problems to come here!”

-Beverly Deshazo

“When I started I had pain getting in and out of a chair, but not anymore. Pain while squatting is much better.”

-Jack McFarland

“Came in 2 months after a wreck with severe headache, neck and should pain. Headaches are very minimal and not very often anymore. Neck and shoulder pain has decreased significantly. Very pleased with the results of therapy.

-Gretchen LeDoux

“My time here was a great experience. I thank all of you for your time in helping me with my PT. God bless each one of you very much. Thank you.”

D. Williams

“When I first came in I was barely walking and getting around but now, thanks to the amazing staff here, I am back to most of my normal activities. Without the help from the staff I would not be where I am today. My neck and back pain has decreased tremendously. I will definitely come back if I need to and would recommend this facility to anyone and everyone that needs treatment.”

-Joseph Broussard

“I have been very pleased with the treatment that I received here. I came in with low pain levels and worked on exercises that were perfect for my situation. I was never pushed further than I could go. I am pleased to know that if I have a flare up that I can go through my doctor for another referral. If that happens, I look forward to coming here.”

-Deborah Pitre

“I dealt with moderate to severe pain first thing every morning in my achilles/heel area. This pain reoccurred anytime I ran or strenuously used my left leg and foot. I received some stretching and dry needling care. — zero pain after the needling and I run and do crossfit 5 days a week. AWESOME!

-Larry Pierce

“I came in with very little motion in my left arm and pain. Everyone made it their job for me to improve. If I ever need PT assessment again I will come to Triangle Therapeutics Physical Therapy.”

-Doritha Rife

“A very knowledgable orthopedic doctor referred me for physical therapy after I might have experienced several hiccups from my previous doctor. Despite the delay at addressing my strained ankle, I am happy to say, I have benefitted from receiving therapy. The staff at the front efficiently worked me into the schedule once I got approved by my insurance. The physical therapist effectively determined which areas I needed to strengthen, the PT technicians treated me with respect and understanding while guiding me through all the required and recommended exercises. My PTA, Judy, was phenomenal. She was always encouraging me to give myself time to heal. My road to recovery continues as I am now able to run without much pain but I still cannot wear my fashionable 4inch heels. I will accept the 2inch wedges for now and still work on getting back to my normal. Thanks Triangle Therapeutics for all for all of the work you have done!”

-I. Inyang

“I have dealt with plantar fasciitis for 3 years. The doctor put me on medication but it was only a quick fix. After coming to Triangle Therapeutics, I realized I had other options besides another pill to take. They helped me learn new stretches to help with the pain, but most importantly, I learned to understand where my pain was coming from and what I could do at home to alleviate the pain. I love coming here. Triangle Therapeutics’ staff is great and they always care about how you’re doing. I highly recommend coming here to find a better solution to your pain.”

-Diana Crutchfield

“I am very impressed with the whole environment of the clinic. The staff made me feel welcome and was very kind to me every time I came to my appointment. My pain subsided and I”m very happy with my progress. I would recommend the clinic to family and friends and if I need therapy in the future will keep this clinic in mind.”


“When I started here I was in lots of pain. I improved my strength and range of motion within a couple of months. I enjoyed talking with the staff. I would recommend anyone who needs PT to come here! Best staff ever!”

-Jennifer Nantz

“The service that I received here was the very best that I have had. The staff was most cordial and well qualified in all areas. they are very professional and knowledgable in every aspect of service given.”

-Benjamin McRae

“My knees were really bad. Staff was nice and very encouraging, never discouraged, and kept me motivated. I love this place!”

-Sylvia Sanchez

“I feel much better after therapy. The staff was very friendly and helpful.”

-Alice Ayers

“I came to Triangle Therapeutics with a shoulder injury. Over the past month I can say my shoulder got better with exercises I was doing. The staff helped me out a lot and helped me get back on the field.”

-Kim Villareal

“Thank you, Triangle Therapeutics for your help in conditioning me after knee surgery. Could not have done it without your help! Friendly staff and well trained therapists made everything go fast and smoothly. If I ever need PT in the future, Triangle Therapeutics will be my choice!”

-P. Tatum, Jr.

“I would like to thank everyone for being so nice and respectful. This is my third time here and I would return. I also love love young people and have enjoyed the young employees here very much!”

-Harriet Kirby

“Full thickness tear of rotator cuff. I began physical therapy with little or no range of motion and strength due to atrophy. 10 weeks of PT and I regained all strength and range of motion with no pain. I highly recommend the services provided!

-Cory Lockhart

“After rock climbing injury left me with almost no motion in left arm/shoulder, I was referred to Triangle Therapeutics. Within a month of aquatic and gym therapy, I have almost full range of motion and renewed strength regained. Awesome work! Thanks!

-Peggy Zabala

“When I first cam here I couldn’t move my neck at all. But that all changed after my visits here. Every day my neck started getting better because of what you all have done. I don’t know if my neck ever would’ve healed without you all, and I really am going t miss all of you. Thank you for everything.”


“Thanks so much for all your good work! I was skeptical at first, however I began to realize that I could get better, sooner rather than later. The staff is kind, helpful and knowlegable and fun to work with. They seem to enjoy their jobs and are so friendly to the patients. Brandy, Aaron, Chris, Travis, India, Jodi, you are all great! If I ever need PT again, I will head straight to Triangle Therapeutics! Thanks again!

-Donna Brennan

“I have truly enjoyed my therapy here with this group of nice people. You’ll have put me back on my feet in record time. Thank all of you very much!”

-Wanda Vanderwater

“My experience at Triangle Therapeutics greatly improved my quality of life. The aquatics part, which I had doubts about, was awesome. I’m not big on water, but the pool was warm and inviting. And it is my belief this greatly helped with my pain. Anyone with pain adversity should definitely try the aquatic therapy at Triangle Therapeutics. Thanks, guys!”

-Glenda Ardoin

“Triangle Therapeutics did and excellent job in helping me with most of my severe problems. I would highly recommend this clinic for all of anyone’s physical therapy needs.”

-Wilbert Ardoin

“When receiving my injury (crushed my foot) on May 2nd 2013, I was told by doctors I would not be able to live an active lifestyle I was able to before. After almost 4 months of physical therapy with the Triangle Therapeutics crew I am now able to do a large portion of the activities I was doing before the injury. Toben and all the PT crew have not just helped me in a ton of ways, but I have truly enjoyed working with each and every one! I have ben pushed and have done things that I never thought I would be doing this early into my recovery, while also having such a good time along the way. The laid back and friendly, yet professional, approach to my PT has made it enjoyable and very productive. I can not thank them enough for helping and showing me I can get past a life changing injury. Thanks again for all the help!

-Joey Manuel

“My experience with Triangle Therapeutics has been one of the best times I have had. Not only have my knees improved during this time, my confidence in walking without a cane has greatly improved. Everyone has been so helpful and answer any questions I may have. When I first came in my knee hurt so bad I could barely walk. Now I am able to get around so much better. Thanks to all the staff for everything!”

-Sherri Fitzgerald

“Triangle Therapeutics has been fantastic. Three months ago I couldn’t walk or move without great pain. Over the treatments my mobility improved tremendously, and my pain decreased. I have been very impressed with the staff and their encouragement as I progressed. I believe the therapy I’ve received has prevented potential back surgery.”

K. Beth Holder

“I am more aware of what I should do or rather how I should do things.”

-Clara Velasco

“Before I came I was in pain alot. The staff showed me the exercises and they greatly helped me. I can walk and stand a lot better. I would highly recommend this clinic to all I know. Thanks for being there for me!”


“Came here very broke and left in excellent condition due to concerned and professional staff. A special thanks to Brandi & Taylor and Thanks to all of the staff!”

Charles Gravenmire

“I feel I have been helped. Even though the pain comes back when I walk longer distances, it is not quite as bad. The dry needle and manipulation therapy were most beneficial for decrease of back pain. I would come back if needed for my neck stiffness after consulting my doctor.”

-Beverly Harrel

“It was a very nice experience. The staff was attentive and very competent. Although my condition is such that I will have to have knee replacement surgery, I am stronger and it should help with the surgery. My mobility is improved. A very nice facility. I will have my rehab here after surgery!”

-Marvin Brailsford

“The staff is very welcoming and helpful. I was able to regain some resemblance of normality with their help. They also helped me to better understand what was going on with my body and why certain actions caused more pains than other. Mostly though I suppose I like how easy it was to feel as though I’d known everyone for years, rather than only a few weeks.”

-Caitlyn Reeves

“I had pain everyday, with treatment now I hardly have any. The staff was great and very helpful. I will continue to work the program they put me through.”


“In my 15 years of life I have never been seriously injured. I could not dance like I used to for about 6 months because the pain in my leg was unbearable. Going to physical therapy, I did not know what to expect. In all honesty, I’m glad I went. The pain . . . wait, what pain? There is none. It will take awhile before I do a kick or jump split, but I will never give up, and I will keep pushing forward until I reach my goals.

-Hannah Beadle

“My shoulder hurt so much when I started, I cried during the 1st visit evaluation. With only 9 treatments, I can now do my job (teacher of Pre-K Spec. Ed. students), with no problems. The treatments I received were great & the staff always made me feel “cared for.”

-Elizabeth Reeves

“For an extended period of time I have had numerous health issues. When the back issue occurred it made my other health issues worse. The PT here has not only greatly improved my back, but has also helped improve other health issues. I would recommend this facility to anyone! Staff is knowledgable and skilled; also makes this a happy environment which is extremely helpful in the healing process.”

-Belinda Graves

“After a huge growth spurt over the summer at the age of 13, I had a hard time athletically due to my body being so tight. To my surprise I found out that my muscles hadn’t caught up with my growth. One month 3 times a week of core strengthening and hamstring stretches, I feel great and most of all I’m loose to continue with sports. I learned a great deal of techniques to use beyond my therapy. Thank you to all the therapists at Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Cameron Foston

“When I came in to begin with therapy I was very unstable and using a walker and after just 2 visits I put my walker away. The people here are very kind and knowledgable and always upbeat. I still have a few problems but the problems I came in here for are much better or resolved completely. Thank you for everything.”

-Tammy Griffis

An amazing 6 weeks is what I have to say. My therapy is totally successful. I feel great. The staff here are so attentive, I felt like I was the only one here. I will recommend this facility to anyone who needs help. Thanks a million!”

-Glenda Franklin

“I had knee surgery and needed help getting my leg back in shape. Therapy helped me be able to get all my movement back.”


“The front desk was very helpful. The PT treatments helped a lot. If someone needed therapy that I know, I would tell them about Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Anna Francis

“Excellent experience. Pain melted away as therapists worked with me. Every therapist took time to explain everything. All staff was very caring, attentive, never rushed, and made my whole visit very pleasant as well as helpful. If the need arises in the future, this group is the ONLY place I will use.”

-Michael Jordan

“Everyone at the clinic was very professional and adjusted my care according to my needs. All of my treatments were appropriate to my condition and adjusted to be easier or more difficult depending on my progress. I saw progress within the first week! Will only be coming back to this clinic for my future physical therapy needs.”

-Megan Meier

“This is my second time to have therapy here it is the best. The people are so attentive and caring. If you can’t do something they offer to help you. The atmosphere here is awesome. I have adopted all fo them as my extended family. Dr. Allen is top of the line. I’m about to have to have surgery and need therapy again and I would like to come back here. I would like to tell all how much they mean to me.”

-Sharon Odom

“This is a very professional facility. The staff is fantastic. The assist you one on one.”

-Nancy Seale

“I was referred to PT after a car wreck. I took meds for awhile but did not like lethargy caused by them. Therapy made a huge difference in resolving my complaints.”


“When I first came to Triangle Therapeutics my arm really hurt to move above my head. After only a few sessions I’m able to move it above my head without pain or help.

-Joseph Castain

“Since I have started therapy I haven’t had as much pain as I did in my back when I first came here. Now I can sleep more peacefully at night without too much pain and I owe all of that to physical therapy!”

-Anya Wiltz

“When I first came here with shoulder problems, my shoulder was in pain. I really didn’t think therapy would work. At first the pain got worse and I didn’t think they knew what they were doing. But as time went by my shoulder got better. I am 90-95% better. They did a great job working out my pain. Thanks to everyone and God bless ya’ll.”

-Alton L. Arvio Sr.

I came to Triangle Therapeutics after having elbow replacement surgery. At the time, I was wearing a brace and when removed, I could bend my elbow only 100 degrees. Also my extension was severely limited. The PTs, PTAs and technicians worked with me through 24 sessions and I have regained all of my range of motion. On a very personal note, I want to say how pleasant every visit was. The staff at Triangle Therapeutics are thoroughly trained professionals with a real sense of caring and concern for each and every patient.”

-Cathy Ranka

“When I first arrived for treatment I had little to no range of motion, along with sever pain in my shulder. Within a few weeks of treatment I have gained most of my range of motion back. My pain has significantly decreased as well and has lessened more with each session. All the staff are helpful and friendly which makes me want to return with a friendly attitude towards my treatment. The staff’s attitude is contagious. I know they want me to succeed as much as i want to.”

-Rachael Hill

“I had a compressed spinal cord for a level 5 with nerve damage. Since I have been to Triangle Therapeutics I have very little pain.”

-Michelle Stelly

“I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and patient care. The therapists, as well as all employees were very good! I would recommend this place to anyone. The therapist gave me tips on what to do to help myself. My range of motion is much better.”

-Forrest Wood

“I have improved so much since I got here. I hurt my shoulder playing sports, so I ended up having to have surgery. After surgery I came to Triangle Therapeutics and they helped me to build up the muscle in my arm. I don’t have any pain anymore. I had a very good experience here.”

-Miley Overstreet

“When I began my visits to Triangle Therapeutics I could barely walk & my foot was very swollen. By the end of my visits I could walk better & it did not swell as much.”

-Janice Caldwell

“Triangle Therapeutics made my transition post-hip surgery much more tolerable. I had hip surgery and began therapy 1 week later. The pain at that time was very high & hard to deal with. Therapy gave me tips and exercises to alleviate the pain and improve my range of motion. When issues arose with pain in my back, the physical therapist helped me with this too. After 10 weeks of therapy, I am now able to run, strength train, and accomplish all of the exercises I did before surgery. Thanks for your time and attention to help me improve and meet my goals.

-Courtney Wilson

“This is my second time to be treated for physical therapy in this facility for 2 different reasons and each time I have an excellent result from the treatments. Staff are very nice, caring, trying to please me, help me in every way. The place is very convenient also.”

-Helen Ferrer

“I had ACL replacement and meniscus repair surgery in September 2012. I never thought I would do sports again but after a few short months I was already jogging and my leg was feeling strong. In April I ran my first 5k and have never felt better. Thanks to the guidance of the physical therapists I have the strength and confidence to engage in team sports again. Thank you. It was a challenging journey and I’m glad to have chosen this company for my recovery. God bless.”

-Peter Pulumbarit

I struggled for several months with a sever hamstring pull prior to starting physical therapy. Aftr four weeks of treatment I am running pain free. Thanks so much for the service you provide. I will refer any person in need of physical therapy to your clinic.”


“Started coming to Triangle Therapeutics in November due to low back pain. Within a short amount of time, I felt better. I didn’t have the continual pain that I was experiencing prior. Eric and the staff worked to get a treatment that worked for me. Everybody is friendly and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely come back if I ever needed physical therapy again.”

-Kate Myzell

“When I started therapy, my activities were very limited. If I went outside to take care of my dogs, I could barely make it back to my house. Now I don’t have to take a break & I can walk easily back to my houe. Thing have greatly improved!”

-Shauna Scarborough

“When I entered Triangle Therapeutics I was unable to walk without crutches, drive or bend my leg at all. With the diligent work of all the staff I am now able to begin training again and have my sights set on my next 1/2 marathon! Everyone was optimistic, attentive and so intelligent. I will miss you all dearly!”

-Erica Duckworth

“I came in my very first day walking hunched over like an old lady. When I met Eric I was surprised at how he knew exactly what was wrong with me, just from a few sentences. He explained ‘dry-needling’ to me and I was very scared, but I let him do it anyway. That was the best decision, It worked so fasst, and made me feel immediate relief. Everyone on staff always treated me so nice, and so caring. I feel like we have become very close, I would recommend this place strongly. I love it here. I’m actually sad I’m better, because I’m going to miss everyone!”

-Ashton Jennings

“Day 1, I couldn’t do anything with my left arm. Every stretching and exercise was painful. As time progressed, things went easy. Everyone who works here have their own personality but the bottom line is that they all work together as one. I really like it here. In fact, I love it here. I hate to go but I must move on. I felt right at home.”


“This is a great place with people who work to help you get better. I have improved in everything. I cam in with no balance and left stable. Great job Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Emmanuel Stevenson

“Until coming to physical therapy I was unaware how my condition had adversely affected my strength, flexibility and muscle condition. the therapy received was targeted to treat my condition and help me gain back my flexibility and endurance. I am much better as a result of the therapy received.

-Ron Huebel

“When I came to Triangle I was sore. Couldn’t stand for a long period of time. Couldn’t clean my house without sitting down. Now I can take a walk without feeling pain in my foot.”

-Bernadette Palmer

“This is my second knee replacement surgery and it has gone easier than my 1st one 7 years ago. Knowing what to expect has helped me immensely this time around! I came back to Triangle Therapeutics because I felt I could depend on them to help me regain my functionality of the knee. Although some of the people/staff has changed, the quality of care is a ‘constant’ and I was right in coming back here for my therapy. I will be happy to recommend Triangle Therapeutics to anyone who needs help recovering from an accident, injury or surgery. They are kind, compassionate, professional and effective! Thank you all!”

-Ella Witmore

“I feel so much better now that I’ve done this physical therapy program. I rarely have anymore pain and working has been so much easier and I feel much stronger.”

-Kaylee Tate

“I got achilles tendonitis and cam to physical therapy and it got better.”

-Justin Koopman

“Came into Triangle Therapeutics and was not able to rotate my shoulder and had a lot of pain. Having no pain!”

-Ellen S.

“I have been very pleased with the care I have encountered at this facility. Staff is very knowledgable and always willing to be of assistance. Very friendly and competent in their roles of employment. I would definitely return for treatment and/or refer anyone in need of therapy to this facility. Thank you for all you’ve done to enhance my physical ability to walk and/or perform everyday duties.

-Terri Randolph

“If it were not for Triangle Therapeutics the center of my true problems would never have been discovered. Now I know how to care for myself. Thank you to all of the staff.”

-Holly Morrell

“All of the staff from office workers to therapists wee the best. They have a christian and loving feeling about them. Dr. Allen was very understanding on my first visit and gentle. They are just like a big happy family. Compassion is one of the big things. They understand your pain and do all they can to relieve it. I would come back to Triangle Therapeutcs and tell family and friends about them. My prayer for all of them is health and happiness. They are ALL AWESOME. God Bless.”

-Sharon Odom

“The people are good to work with.”

-Creed Brown

“This physical therapy session has given me the confidence to carry on my personal life again.”

-Robert Morton

“I have been treated with the up most respect in this therapy office. Everyone was very generous with me and also patient with me. If I have to do therapy again I will come back to the same building.”

-Pearlie Ivy

“I am so pleased with the results of my physical therapy! It has been almost a year that I have been limited to the amount of sitting and standing I can do for long periods of time. I have been shopping for several hours at a time multiple times already; it feels amazing to be able to do that again. Sitting at my desk for several hours at a time is no longer the nightmare that it used to be. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend to everyone I know.”

-Kristen Rice

“When I came to Triangle Therapeutics, I had a lot of pain in my neck with difficulty turning to the left. This made it painful to drive. Now I have very little or no pain when turning my head.”

-Bruce Duncan

“I started hurting a few weeks ago. My pain in my neck went from 9 to 3. The staff couldn’t do needling because I am on blood thinners, but the needling was awesome the last time I was here. I will be back.”

-Michael Van Randen

“I appreciate the education from the therapists about why I’ve had the pain, what my muscles are doing to prolong it, and how to treat myself after strenuous chores around the house and yard.”

-Marlis Weatherly

“When I came I didn’t expect much, but I was more than happy with everything. The people are all helpful and nice to work with. I do think I have good results on my shoulders. I can raise them higher and do more than I could when I started. All in all, I’m pleased for a person that’s a few months from 80 years old. I will miss everyone.”

-Fran Larksdale

“I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. After my first visit, I already was showing improvement in my pain level. They pin-pointed the exact location of my pain and gave great exercises & advice on how to minimize my pain. I will definitely use Triangle Therapeutics for any physical therapy needed in the future. My favorite part of this experience is walking in the gym and all the staff greets you; it feels like family here!”

-Diana Crutchfield

“While I’m not 100% better, I feel much better than when I first started therapy. The staff here is exceptional. They are wonderful people and I will miss them.”

-Kelley Faulk

“I started having really bad pain in my left leg to the point where it hurt to walk. I tried different things to help then came to Triangle Therapeutics where they got some of the pain to go away. I walk a little better than when I started.”

-Jessica Moore

“My arm was frozen with no mobility when I started physical therapy. Now, I can function to the extent I can work and do more things on a daily basis. I still have a lot of pain, but physical therapy definitely helps with pain and increases my mobility. My doctor would like me to continue.”

-Liz Doguet

“My goal was to get back and move my arm and hand, and I did. I am so pleased. They have a good team; it was like being home. They made me feel at home. Nice people; I am so happy with them.”

-Elva Aguirre

“When I first came to Triangle Therapeutics,I was in greatly bad pain. After coming to therapy, I was feeling better each day. The staff was very professional and very friendly. They really took the time to explain what kind of treatment you were going to have. I will recommend anyone to them. Thank God for the professional staff at Triangle Therapeutics of Port Arthur, Texas!”

-Linda Harrison

“I believe my foot, leg, and hip has been cured of my aches and pains. After 30 days, I felt the best I have in years. I’ve learned so much about my muscles, how to exercise, and when to use ice or heat for pain. I have not taken a pain pill since I started coming here. This has been the best therapy I’ve ever experienced, even if it’s my first time with physical therapy. I want to thank everyone.”

-Rose Widow

“When I came to Triangle there was pain in my shoulder and numbness in my arm so bad that it was interfering with my sleep. Now the pain is almost completely gone, the numbness is gone and I am sleeping well again.”

– Craig Hardy

“When I walked in I needed a wheelchair. I wouldn’t be able to return to work this year, but now I’m much better. Looking forward to going to work soon and getting back to my normal life.”

-Henry Williams

“I had such limited movement in my neck. The pain and discomfort was horrible. After my treatments, the pain was greatly reduced and I gained lots of mobility. I am so grateful for the wonderful, friendly staff at Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Fae Sandifer

“I had surgery on my left knee. My mother had been here and had good things to say, so I came here. Things started to get better right away. After a few weeks, it felt great. The staff, treatment, and facility is very well organized. Thanks to everyone that helped.”

-Wayne Ross

“The physical therapy has improved my condition 100%. Allen was great at handling my problems.”

-Daniel Duhon

“I have improved. I would like to thank everyone. They were so nice and caring. I would come back anytime.”

-Lanell Fields

“I am very pleased with the results. If I ever need any more therapy, I will come back here.”

-Ramona Strange

“I was given treatment that stopped my pain in my lower back. I went from great pain in my lower back to almost no pain. I am so glad my doctor sent me here and I will be glad to recommend others to come. Also, I enjoyed each of the staff.”

-Elmer Gassiott

“I am now able to move freely thanks to the excellent staff. I appreciate your friendliness and being very professional.”

-John Shively

“I came in my very first day walking hunched over like an old lady. When I met Eric, the physical therapist, I was surprised that he knew exactly what was wrong with me after I said just a few words. He explained I needed “needling” and I was very scared; however, I let him do it anyways. That was the best decision I made. It worked so fast! I felt immediate relief. Everyone on staff was so nice and caring. I feel very close to them. I would strongly recommend this place. I love it here! I’m actually sad I got better because I’m going to miss everyone.”

-Ashton Jennings

“I’ve gotten so much better since I’ve been at Triangle Therapeutics. I like coming here and exercising more than I like going to the gym. The people are nice and great to work with! Triangle Therapeutics is great!!!”

-Jaliyah Ralfston

“When I first started therapy, I couldn’t bend my knee or lift it high enough to step into the shower. Since then, I’ve got bend back and I’ve noticed that my walk is back too. I’m able to lift my foot up to take my socks off. I’m so tickled with my progress. Everyone was so cool and I’m telling everyone about Triangle Therapeutics. Thank you!!”

-Joan King

“When I first came to Triangle Therapeutics I was unable to walk without crutches, drive, or bend my leg at all. With the diligent work of all the staff, I am now able to begin training again and have my sights set on my my next 1/2 marathon! Everyone was optimistic, attentive, and so intelligent. I will miss them all dearly!”

-Erica Duckworth

“When I came in the first time, I really didn’t know what to expect because I had never had any experience with physical therapy. The whole staff made me feel so important and they are so friendly that I think it made me feel good from the get go. The neck, shoulder, and headache that I have had for so long has greatly improved to almost gone. I can pretty much do what I need to do without restriction. Although some aches and pains are brought about by the nature of my job and daily activities, I can say that the physical therapy really helped. I definitely recommend it!!!”

-Nelita L. Panes

“The personell at Triangle Therapeutics as professional and personable. They are very knowledgeable and care about their patients. If I have to have more physical therapy I will definitely return here.”

-Elizabeth Levings

“When I started therapy, my activities were very limited. I would go outside to take care of my dogs and could barely make it back to the house. Now I don’t have to take a break and can walk easily back to my house! Things are greatly improved.”

-Shauna Scarborough

“I started coming to Triangle Therapeutics in November due to low back pain. Within a short amount of time, I felt better. I didn’t have the continual pain that I was experiencing prior. Eric and the staff worked to get a treatment that worked for me. Everyone is friendly and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely come back if I ever needed physical therapy.”

-Kate Myzell

“I struggled for several months with a severe hamstring pull prior to starting therapy. After four weeks of treatment I am running pain free. Thanks so much for the services you provide. I will refer any person in need of physical therapy to this clinic.”

-Gary Linthum

“My doctor referred me to Triangle Therapeutics after tests proved that I had a torn rotator cuff that occurred during a wreck. Since I have rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus, I associated my pain to those conditions. However, the pain got progressively worse. After that I did a series of test and viola…Triangle Therapeutics!!! The PTs and staff are very warm, personable individuals. They maintain a positive attitude under strained conditions and situations. We all laughed a lot and I have made some really good friends. I thank God and thank The Triangle Therapeutics family. Above all, I feel 100% better. I am definitely a success story.

-Ann Orbro

“I would refer anyone to try your services. Excellent job all around.”

-Charles Johnson

“I feel this has helped me walk better, and build up my legs to walk better. Thanks.”

-Randy Smith

“Very excellent staff.”

-Harvey Bowden

“The therapists work very well with patients to make you as comfortable as you can be with your problems.”

-Paul Pruitt

“After my surgery I could hardly move my leg without being in severe pain. My time at Triangle Therapeutics was amazing; the staff always made me feel welcome. My leg is back to normal and I have no pain. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

-Kaitlynn Hoetert

“I would like to thank the Triangle Staff for helping me to get back on my feet. They worked with me a whole lot to get me back to work and I thank you all.”

-Michael Paris

“With some of the exercises I’m able to walk straighter. From time to time, my standing is good. Thank you all! I feel like I’ll be able to hold a pencil better in the future, therefore, I’ll be back to drawing someone ‘okay’. Y’all are doing very good work; keep it up. People get better with a loving group like you all.”

-Michael Johnson

“Thanks to all the staff that helped me maintain my arm. It was much appreciated. If I have any more problems I will surely recommend you guys.”

-Kyra Odom

“I think this program is very successful & is greatly appreciated.”

-Brenda Jones

“When my doctor suggested the therapy I doubted it would work, but I was very wrong. i have improved greatly and have a new respect for this kind of treatment. I will be ready to try physical therapy first from now on. My back and leg have greatly improved and the staff was great!! Thank y’all very much.”

-Frank Fornols Jr.

“Triangle Therapeutics is a terrific clinic for therapy. The staff is one of the best that I have met. The one thing that I liked about the place is the atmosphere. here you are really treated like a person. They are understanding and try to meet the needs of the patients. Without the therapy (of body and spirit) I would not have recovered as well as I did. I know that I will continue to improve because of some of the techniques that I learned to alleviate some of the pain when need be.”

-Earmen Bryant

“I was having occasional pain in my knee even while inactive. Currently I am pain free and have no lingering pain.”

-Patrick Rightmyer

“A difference was noticed after the first session. I’m feeling great.”

-Rosalba Guerra-Zuniga

“I have had many treatments elsewhere with no success. I have had great success here at Triangle.”

-Calvin Hayes

“My doctor has been injecting my left shoulder with steroids for the pain. I feel now she won’t have to as I feel much better with my range of motion in both shoulders. I still have problems, but that is out of our control as nature takes its course.”

-Joann Ermel

“Since I’ve been here my pain has gone away. I liked every part of the treatment, the staff is great, and If I ever need to come back I wouldn’t think twice. I’ll be back again if I ever need the help again. I feel even better than before I injured myself.”

-Benjamin Trujillo

“I came to this great group of professionals walking with assistance and feeling horrible and unable to care for myself without assistance. I was depressed because one day I was up and the next day injured with no known cause. Thank God I was lead to Triangle Therapeutics. They were always professional and friendly with all visits. They made recovery enjoyable. You all are where you were created to be. Thanks for turning a rough ride into a smooth one.”

-Phylis Frank

“When I first came to physical therapy I was not sure about it. When completing physical therapy the first time, I got better, but then got worse over time. I ended up coming back again and doing physical therapy all over again and have gotten better, but found out later that my pain is caused by something else. Physical therapy helped me a lot with bringing my pain down a lot from what it was. The treatment was awesome; I loved coming and the staff was so friendly. My end result was better than what it was. Thank you guys so much for all y’alls help!”

-Rodolfo Carrizal III

“I came in with a frozen shoulder and left, not only with a healed shoulder, but also with a wealth of information on how the body works, a great referral place for physical therapy, and a few friends to add to my circle. The place is run like a ‘well oiled machine’ and there is no wasted time. That’s not to say that I felt hurried or pressured in any way. I will recommend this place to all that will listen! In fact I’m trying to figure out how I can come back for my other ailments!!”

-Lisa Clark

“Physical therapy should be considered before any surgery. The benefits are great, and the results can be so amazing. The exercises are a great way to keep your joints and muscles from being stiff, and it becomes easier to move without pain. I’ve had a tear in my rotator cuff and had surgery. It’s been a slow process, but everyone is different. I will continue my therapy at home. I know the progress will get better. My goal will be reached because of all the warm love and support of the therapists and all the people from Triangle Therapy. Thanks to you all!!”

-Gail Paul

“My experience was excellent. All the staff here are wonderful. They have me on track again. I would refer anyone here in the future.”

-Michael Delafosse

“I came here not thinking I would be able to walk again. After 6 weeks of therapy, I am almost fully recovered and walking again.”

“Triangle Therapeutics es muy buena clinica. Tiene muy buen personal y el equipo para trabajar. Yo solo recemiendo a personas que nesesiten terapia. Yoenpese sin poder caminar & de aqui sali caminando. Estoy muy agoadacido con todo el personal que tiene Triangle Therapy. Muchas gracias a todas.”

-Isaias Estupinan

“It’s hard to believe that I have come this far in this short of time. Everyone told me it would take a year or longer, but it hasn’t for me. I’m still not 100%, but I know I must be around 90-95%. All of the therapists are wonderful as well as everyone that works here.”

-Sarah Hayes

I have been to others in the area with no results. Triangle solved my issues and the staff is great!”

-Josh Jaetzold

“This physical therapy clinic is the best place for treatment I could dream of. The tingling issue has decreased a lot and the team has the best communication skills.”

-Abdulmalik Alturki

“Triangle Therapeutics offers wonderful care, and the people are caring and kind. I also love the Christian music radio station they play there. My son never complained about going to physical therapy (and that’s saying something!). ”

-The Kieschnicks

“I was unable to walk, sit, or stand before coming here. Now I can do all, although, pain comes if I do anything for very long.”

-Larry Rodriguez

“After a car accident I had residual numbness in my face that was masking the pain in my neck. Allen narrowed in on the muscles and it alleviated the numbness. This allowed for him to work on the neck injury. Thanks for the helling hands and excellent patient care from the entire staff!”

-Kim Holley





“I am in the military and I hurt my back at work. I came to Triangle Therapeutics and the staff was amazing. They are nice and friendly and the facility was very clean. I would definitely recommend it to anybody that needs physical therapy.”

-Brian Stoneberger

“From the first day I came here, I felt that the whole staff was concerned about how I felt and how they could help me. Every time I came in whoever worked with me treated me with great respect and made me feel important. The treatment I received was wonderful. I feel as though I’m in great shape.”

-Elizabeth Reeves

“My experience with Triangle Therapeutics has been very welcoming. Everyone here is so nice which is pretty refreshing. Customer service here is nothing short of excellent and I would recommend it to everyone.”

-Rashard Cook

“I tore my patellar tendon at work and was sent to Houston for surgery. After surgery, the doctor said I would rehab for approximately 12 weeks. I came to Triangle Therapeutics in Port Arthur and within 4 weeks I was 100% better. All treatments, exercises and NMES helped a great deal. The staff is very informative, helpful and friendly. I would strongly refer anyone to come here for rehab.”

-Keith Bass

“I am able to walk and stand better. My knee is not in as much pain as when I first came.”

-Robertha O’Brien






“This physical therapy clinic has helped me very much with my knee.”

-Andy Tran

“The staff was awesome!!! Therapy helped me a lot. The exercise was great and helped loosen my muscles thatwere tight.”

-Lily Duenas

“I came in with pain and tightness behind my knee, making it impossible fore me to bend my knee more than 90 degrees. I had suffered with the pain for a very long time before seeking any medical attention. I was referred to triangle therapeutics and 3 weeks into the therapy, the pain and tightness began to improve tremendously. After the fourth week I feel like I am ready to start back with my normal activities, begin walking again, and yard work. I was very discouraged when I started therapy, but today I feel like I am on the road to my old self again.”

-Mona Dawson

“I had knee surgery in June 2012, my first few weeks of therapy was at a different location. After two weeks, I did not feel like I was getting better. I started therapy here in July but it only took a couple of visits for me to notice an improvement. I can not truly explain how much my strength came back after my therapy session. I would never even consider another facility. If you follow what I consider the best staff around, you will also have a success story to write about.”

-James Ochoa

“When I started therapy I had lower back pain. After weeks of therapy I am much better and pain free. they have taught me great exercises to keep my back pain free. Everyone here makes you feel like family. It is bitter sweet being my last day-I’m glad I’m better but I will miss everyone here. Great place to have therapy.”

-Debbie Lyons

“Therapy greatly increased my range of motion and strengthened my joints to where I can now stand and walk all day with little discomfort. I no longer have problems stepping up on curbs or getting in or out of my car. The staff gave me exercises to do at home, which helped and I can continue my recovery at home.”

-George Cummings

“When I started treatment, my back pain interrupted my everyday activities. Now I am almost pain free. Triangle therapeutics has a very knowledgeable staff and I would return for any future treatment.”

-Elaine Henderson

“Everyone here was so great. They all helped get me back on my feet. Everyone makes every person that comes in feel like family. I felt like everyone really cares and wanted me to improve.”

“When I started therapy, I could not walk for a long period. My walking has improved very much and I can now walk up stairs, climb a ladder, and work out. I ant to thank everyone at Triangle Therapeutics for what you have done for me. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. I will tell all of my friends about you because you all take really good care of the patients.”

-Bruce Lusich

“I came in with back problems. The staff at Triangle Therapeutics worked with me and gave me the proper treatment I needed to relieve the pain.Thanks guy!! The staff is a great group!”

-Crystal Whiteside

“With the help of the physical therapist, I learned what was causing pain and the mobility problems in my neck. The exercises and the type of treatment increased mobility and decreased my pain. I feel like I can avoid surgery after going to therapy.”

-Glenn Carpenter

“Awesome facility, terrific and friendly staff. After first couple of visits, I noticed a big improvement. I would highly recommend Triangle Therapeutics!”

-LaDonna Ambers

“My range of motion has improved, and the staff is great! The atmosphere is very fun, which makes therapy a lot easier, even when you are in pain.”

-Jerry Brown

“I started therapy on May 31,2012 and I could barely walk. After a lot of sweat and hard work, I have greatly improved. I will miss all of the friends I have made along the way.”

-Rebecca Pickering

“I highly recommend the staff at Traingle Therapeutics for any and all therapy. They are very professional and kind, and this is the best therapy I have ever received. It has helped me regain my range of motion in my left shoulder. In the future, if I have any injuries, I will come back to Traingle Therapeutics.”

-Steve Mills

“When I first started I was skeptical, but after the first couple of visits, I noticed a difference. After 10 visits and I feel a lot better, almost 100%. now that I know what to do, I can continue to work work towards the 100% recovery. Thank you to everyone at Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Roderick Hutto

“I have experienced tremendous improvement and feel happy that life in time can return to normal. I also appreciate everything the therapist has taught me about my condition. Thank to everyone. I appreciate a great staff-they are more like friends in addition to professionals.Thanks again to everyone.”

-Nancy Peterson

“Coming here helped me understand my injury and manage the healing process. The therpist were very friendly and know their profession well. Will recommend traingle therapeutics to everyone. Thank you!”

-Gary McDonald

“I can not believe the improvements I have made. The staff was great and made me feel very welcomed.”

-Michael Yeier

“They’re all great here. I can now do what I want to do, when I want to do it, no problem!”

-J.T. Joiner

“Triangle Therapeutics has improved my overall pain and muscle spasms. The pain has decreased greatly due to the modality therapy and exercises. If I ever need to receive physical therapy again, I will choose Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Tyagha Thomas

“This is a wonderful place for people with brain injuries. I am so impressed with how they have improved my ability to move. The therapist are great at identifying issues and helping correct them, especially my walking. I have been to a lot of different facilities and this place gets an A+ for helping me with the symptoms of my brain injury.”

-Candice Callier

“Every since my surgery, it has been hard for me to walk. I had a limp and had a lot of pain. Since I have been in physical therapy, I have seen a lot of improvement. I am now able to walk correctly and participate in P.E. without any pain. Physical therapy has helped me a lot!”

-Guillermo Gomez

“I came in with back pain and leg pain. the staff took great care of me. My pain is almost gone. I enjoyed the people and staff here. I will use Triangle Therapeutics after my neck surgery.”

-Claudia Kester

“This was the 2nd time I have done physical therapy here. Both times I have improved to the pain and maintenence. Everyone is so professional and helpful. I would use Triangle Therapeutics in the future.”

-Kaye White

“The treatment was more thorough than any I have had before. Everyone was so helpful.”

-Kathleen McClelland

“Very positive experience. Helped with healing heel pain. Would highly recommend to others.”

-Beth Green

“I started with little movement in two of my toes, and today they are more flexible. The actual manipulation by the therapist was excellent. I also enjoyed the paraffin treatment, it was great!”

-Kay Neildo

“I had a great experience. Therapy helped me avoid surgery. The staff was helpful and informative. I’d be happy to refer a friend or family member.”

-Kathy Mingle

“This was my second time here, and I would come again. Thanks for all the help!”

-Harriet Kirby





“This was my second time choosing Triangle Therapeutics for physical therapy because my first experience with them was so great! Now I’m pain free in both of my shoulders. The staff is great at what they do. They all made me feel comfortable and were very knowledgeable regarding my treatment.”

-Christie Beaugh






I rolled my ankle in August of 2012, and it caused mobility problems. I could not stand for long periods of time, and walking on uneven ground or taking the stairs was very difficult. After about two months of waiting for it to heal on its own, I started physical therapy. Physical therapy helped tremendously. After only one month, I am completely confident walking on all terrains. While I still feel occasional discomfort when standing for long periods of time, I know that my ankle has gained strength. I am also aware of the exercises that will continue strengthening my ankle and how to do them correctly. Thank you Triangle Therapeutics!”

-Kristin McFarland

“I want to thank everyone for treating me nice and taking good care of me during my therapy. If I ever have to do therapy again, I will for sure come here!”

-Edward LaBlue

“I want to thank everyone here for being concerned and caring for my son, Dustin Holmes. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I love this place and will miss you all so much!”

-Shauna Riua

“When I initially started physical therapy I walked with a limp due to my right ankle. The staff set goals and a plan of care for me. They assisted and encouraged me to work harder at the exercises. I gained confidence in my ability to try and complete the prescribed course. I can now wear 2 1/2 inch heel shoes (walking moderate distances only). I am very please with my progress. The staff here is GREAT!”

-Linda Spikes Jones

“I actually enjoyed therapy! Everyone here was great and recovery time was awesome!”

-Dustin Holmes

“What a special facility! Everyone knows your name and treats you like you’re the only one around. The treatment was exceptional and my shoulder is somewhat improved (not because there was a problem with the therapy…it’s just my shoulder). I will return and refer others.”

-Linda Katie Wellman

“I was in a car accident and my lower back started hurting. I woke up in pain, and it continued all through the day and night. Physical therapy has greatly improved my lower back. I can perform all my daily activities with no pain now.”

-Carol Davis

“I was referred by Dr. Mendoza. When I first came here I was in so much pain. The staff at Triangle Therapeutics assisted me in every way. They were very kind and patient with me during every treatment. I came in with excruciating pain and left with hardly any pain. Thanks for your services!”

-Joann Boutte

“When I first came to therapy, I was in constant pain and I couldn’t enjoy the activities I love doing. I was skeptical about physical therapy. I thought it wouldn’t help my situation…but I was proven wrong! In less than three months, I’m off all pain medication and almost completely pain free. I only hope I can continue to improve using the exercises I’ve learned during my time at Triangle Therapeutics. I support all of the wonderful people who work here! Thanks for everything!”

-Robert Corbett

“This was my third visit over the years. All of the treatments corrected my pain level back to normal.”

-William E. Neild

“Triangle Therapeutics is excellent!”

-Keith Jones IV

“I am very grateful for the staff at Triangle Therapeutics. I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and they helped me get through it. My doctor referred me here and I’m so glad he did! They were awesome. Thanks for your help Triangle Therapeutics!”

-Alician Reed

“I was able to get off pain medication, and my shoulder has greater mobility.”

-Byron Franks

“I came to this clinic in July 2012. I had just had ACL surgery. Now I am finished with therapy. This clinic has helped me to be able to ride again.”

-Jami Lavergne

“I have somewhat improved. The physical therapist has done a wonderful job of working with me. I will continue to progress in due time.”

-Lakisha George

“The staff is very friendly and caring. Allen is a very good boss & treats his patients very kind. I am never alone while in therapy. The service is excellent, and I will recommend Triangle Therapeutics to all of my friends and family.”

-Chuoc Nguyen

“I came in with extreme pain, & vastly improved from physical therapy. I have been for several problems (knee replacement, lower back, etc), & have had good results every time.”

-Shirley Miskimon

“I tore my patellar tendon at work and was sent to Houston-Memorial Hermann. The doctor did the surgery and said I would be in rehab for approximately 12 weeks. I came to Triangle Therapeutics in Port Arthur and within 4 weeks I felt 100% better. All treatments, exercises and NMES helped a great deal. The staff is very informative, helpful & friendly. I would strongly recommend anyone to come here for rehab.”

-Keith Bass

“Triangle Therapeutics has helped me a lot. I have hardly any pain at all. My range of motion has greatly improved. Compared to my first visit, I feel like a new woman.”

-Arhonda Eugene






“After my second ultrasound, I felt different. I can’t explain it, but my lower back felt like it was not connected to the rest of my body. It felt much better. I still have pain if I stand too long, but I am much better. Thanks!”

-Betty Adkins

“I am getting my knees back to 125°. I am gaining the strength to have my mobility back & courage to try. I had to figure out how to get off the floor. How does one stoop with double knee surgery?”

– Brenda Jones

“I am in much less pain than when I started. I see a recovery in the future with another session of therapy. I believe I will get better!”

– Rodney Richard

“Physical therapy has relieved the inflammation and swelling in my knee. Thanks!”

– James Setliff

“From coming in on the first visit, I had a pain level of 10 that has gone down to 1-2. Therapy has helped me greatly. the staff is so great and has concern about the patients. I would recommend anyone to come here.”

-Geraldine Reynolds

“My pain has somewhat improved over the past 8 weeks. I can guarantee to you that my pain is much better than when I first arrived. I did some of the many stretches I learned at my house, and plan to continue with them as well. I feel as though that helped my progress.”

– MyEisha McGee

“Great staff. They are always pleasant & helpful. Very informative regarding pain and therapy.”

– Gina Decuir

“I started Triangle Therapeutics a few weeks ago and my pain has gone away almost to none. I recommend this facility to anyone who needs therapy.”

– Ervin Thomas Jr.

“With the help of physical therapy, I can raise my hand half way. Before and after surgery, I could not move it. I still have pain. I continue to exercise and try to use it. I don’t want it to freeze more on me. I am right handed and have to use my left hand more now.”

– Efrain Watler

“The pain in my right shoulder is 90% better than when I came in the first time. I am still working on my neck but it has improved.”

-Jeff DeCuir






“The things I have improved on the most are putting on my shoes and getting in and out of my car. Also, I can use both feet to go up and down the stairs. I used to ‘drag’ one of my legs along with me on stairs. I have had a positive experience at Triangle Therapeutics. I have gone to another clinic before, and in the event that I would need therapy again, I would come back to this one!”

-Shirley Thomas





“I would recommend this clinic for the experience and education they give you during the healing process. These guys know their jobs!”

-Edward Hein

“This wasn’t my first time at Triangle Therapeutics. They have been very helpful every time I have been here.”

-Carolyn Keyes

“I came to Triangle Therapeutics after I had surgery on my wrist and elbow because I had pain and stiffness. Within 2 weeks I have had noticeable improvement and nearly no pain.”

-Dennis Nations

“They were very helpful and determined exercises to help me stregthen the muscles that were my source of pain.”

-Lillian Bothel

“I came here skeptical that I would not improve. After 3 weeks of therapy I left with complete resolution of my problem because they tailored a program specifically for me.”

-H.R. Womack





“This is an excellent environment with caring, friendly personnel who give you individual attention. They ensure overall improvement so that you are able to return back to work. Eight weeks ago I was crouching in the shower unable to move. I never thought I would get this far! Thank you for making this happen.”

-Donna Grimm





“I really enjoyed coming here and meeting everyone. I’ve really improved and I’m doing very well in athletics.”

-Savannah Adams

“When I first started here, I had a difficult time with range of motion in my ankle. The staff worked with me to regain my range of motion and build my muscles back up.”

-Jill Mathena





“Before coming to physical therapy at Triangle Therapeutics, my shoulder was in a lot of pain. Physical therapy has made a big difference! At one time, lifting my arm over my head was very painful. Now, I can lift my arm with no problem at all! The therapy has made a big difference. Anyone with joint pain can benefit from it. Triangle Therapeutics is on it!”

-Joseph Scott

“Your first day here they will make you feel like family!”

-Amanda Jones

“When I came in for therapy my neck and shoulder were hurting. I couldn’t stand the pain it hurt so bad. Now, I’m feeling fine and the pain is gone. I know they did a great job!”

-Eardy Deal

“When I first got here I was in a lot of neck pain, but through the help and care of the staff I have improved greatly. The staff is very helpful and they explain things clearly. They genuinely want to help people who are in pain and make their pain go away.”

“The staff at Triangle Therapeutics is friendly and compassionate. They are helpful with exercises and are willing to listen to concerns of the clients. They are genuinely concerned about their clients well-being.”

-Patricia Reese

“When I came here, I was in extreme pain, but it’s getting better. I had a really good experience here. The staff is wonderful.”

-Dan Church

“I am now able to walk with a quad can instead of using a walker.”

-Merle King

“I enjoy the staff. They are very professional and make the painful experience a lot mor fun than it should be.”

-Steven Andrews

“When I came here my arm was really bad tingling and some pain in my neck. Today, I can honestly say I have greatly improved and am very pleased. Everybody is so nice. Oh, and keep playing the Christian music; it is uplifting.”

-Tina Davis

“Before physical therapy, I could not turn from side to side, and now I can. My range of motion has greatly improved and my goals are being met slowly but surely.”

-Nitacha Hanson

“My pain was very bad when I started, and in a matter of days I had less pain. In a week, I had very, very little pain. Now I have no pain at all. I thank everyone.”

-Joyce Scott

“Everyone here is excellent.”

-Amina Shaheed

“I came in with moderate pain in my right quadriceps and by the end of my sessions all my pain was gone. I have good confidence that the problem has been fully addressed.”

-Joe Pittman

“The services were excellent.”

-Emma Bonton

“I feel my therapy has greatly improved my physical ability and confidence to use the muscles I worked on. I don’t feel restricted. The best part about Triangle Therapeutics is the staff makes you feel like family and that makes the experience fun. Thank you all for making my short visits so pleasurable.”

-Robert Sterling

“I came in with pain in my left thigh due to fibromyalgia. The therapy was great! Some of the therapy was painful, and I even shed tears…but it worked!!! I will return if I have another flare up.”

-Landra Griffith

“When I first started physical therapy, I was using a cane and a walker. Now I am walking short distances on my own and driving again.”

-Bonnie Breaux

“When I started physical therapy, I was having a difficult time with range of motion in my ankle. The staff worked with me to get the movement back in my ankle, and also to help me gain muscle.”

-Jill Mathena





“The therapy sessions were set up to duress muscle spasms in my para-lumbar on the right side. This pain had been going on for months before I tried therapy. Through therapy, I was able to improve my pain level and range of motion. I learned a series of effective stretches and exercises to manage my pain. Overall physical therapy has been very helpful.”

-Mike Clapper





“I had neck problems that caused me pain while I was driving or sleeping. After one week here I saw good results. By the third week I felt great! I recommend Triangle Therapeutics. The staff is great!”

-Jimmy Harris

“When I came to Triangle Therapeutics, my neck hurt and I had tingling in my hands and feet. Through the treatment AND EDUCATION I received from Triangle Therapeutics, my condition has improved greatly! I now have a better understanding of what I need to do to get better. I had much better results from Triangle Therapeutics than I did from chiropractic treatments or allopathic medicine. I highly recommend the manual therapy and dry needling if it is right for your condition. The staff, service, and results you get are great!”

-Fred Patterson

“I had foot and calf pain. The staff and therapy here was excellent!”

-Chris Anderson

” The physical therapists were excellent! They were very patient and cheerful (especially for this 82 year old gal!)”

-Cecile Neumann

“The staff here totally eliminated my neck pain! The workers are knowledgeable and persistent. The environment was pleasant.”

-Judy Hamons

“I had severe pain in my neck for over a week. I came in for my initial evaluation and the physical therapist did a few massage techniques on my neck. It hurt very badly (I even cried)…but the next morning I woke up and was pain free with full range of motion!!! I would not hesitate to return in the future if I need treatment. This is the fastest recovery I have ever experienced. The physical therapist here is totally awesome!!!”

-Gwendolyn Broussard

“I was referred to Triangle Therapeutics because my back was giving me problems. I couldn’t walk or sit without severe pain. After one treatment with Eric I walked out of the clinic with no pain! Eric is a great physical therapist, and guy in general, with a great staff. I would definitely come back. I would also refer anyone here who has back pain and needs help.”

-Betty Weaver

“When I first came to therapy, it was both difficult and painful to turn my head from side to side. After four weeks of therapy, I am able to get full range of motion with my neck (with almost no pain)! I love the staff and the care they give you. They made me feel like family.”

-Deedie Moodie

“The staff here was very helpful. They made me feel like I could do therapy, and helped me to perform the exercises without pushing me too hard. I am now confident that I will get better by doing the exercises they taught me at home.”

-June Brailsford

“When I first came to Triangle Therapeutics, I was nervous that physical therapy would be too hard. I quickly found out that it wasn’t! Triangle Therapeutics has taught me how to maintain my health by doing simple exercises. The entire staff was friendly and they made my day when I came here. They are both professional and fun! I will miss everyone deeply. May God bless Triangle Therapeutics and its staff for years to come!”

-Barbara Moses

“I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapy staff! Everyone was very welcoming, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

-John Pitre




“My first visit here I was in so much pain and no one could really touch my knee. During my visits, my knee became better as the exercises increased and they made it stronger. The days that I didn’t have therapy I could tell a difference. I would recommend others here – it it a very friendly place to come and strengthen any area of your body. It is a place where people care for your well being!”

-Pamela Washington

“It’s difficult to recall how much pain I was in when I first came to Triangle Therapeutics. I had no idea I could make the progress that the care and staff afforded me! I am now looking forward to going to my gym and working out along with walking each week. Before coming to physical therapy, I had difficulty even getting out of bed! I will always be greatful for the care that I received here and I’ll gladly refer any one of my friends and family.”

-Phyllis Baker

“Well, well, well. What can I say and where do I start? Triangle Therapeutics is a great place to get in better physical shape. It has a light and fun atmosphere and the staff are very helpful and friendly. I am a success story THIS TIME and as much as I love coming here, I hope to not return [for another physical condition]. All kidding aside, should I need therapy again, GET READY – I will come here again!”

-Ingrid Hancock

“I had a great experience here! Mason and Judy took great care of me and spent quality time determining my need. Thank you very much for the special treatment. I even learned skills I can use at home!”

-Charles Alonso

“The team here has been very helpful getting me back on my feet and feeling better. They really know how to push you for success! It’s nice to be walking around pain free and not feel like I have to stay home.”

-William P. Powers

“[The staff] is well trained and knowledgeable of what is required. The staff has a great sense of humor which made it a lot more fun when doing what was required of me. There is good leadership among the staff. They are very good and very caring towards us old people!”

-Anthony Campise

“The therapy I received at Triangle Therapeutics was excellent care! The professional therapy treatment allowed me to recover from ankle surgery without any problems. The recommended personal stretches and treatment in which I could do at home helped strengthen my muscles in a short time period. The staff were professional and well trained in assisting me and understanding what I need for my recovery. The staff worked diligently to ensure that I maximize the allotted time of therapy. I am pleased with the level of care that I received here!”

-Shawn Ledet

“I came in with a torn meniscus and popping in my left knee. I could not walk any stirs or run. Therapy has got me back to my old self! I’m taking the stairs and jogging up to one mile again. I truly am thankful for every staff member here, they are all incredible.”

-Michael Roberts

“I feel like a success because the pain in my left arm muscle is a whole lot less thanks to the lovely folks here. Everyone is nice and encouraging to me and makes me feel really comfortable with the exercises. I have enjoyed coming here for the help I needed to return back to my busy life. Thank you all so very much for being kind and cheerful!”

-Emma Pierce

“I was first seen at Triangle Therapeutics following a knee surgery. The entire staff was outgoing and courteous which made my therapy sessions enjoyable. The therapists and assistants were knowledagble and helped me quickly regain strength, range of motion and most importantly got me back to all of my daily activities nearly pain free. Thanks to all for the wonderful experience!”

-Melanie Bell

Before coming to Triangle Therapeutics I had about a 3-4 pain level everyday! It also got worse with any activity. I have two kids under the age of two and it was becoming more and more of a burden. Now that I’m done with treatments, I’m at a 0-2 pain level daily and rarely go over a 4! It’s nice to finally be more active with my kids and in life in general. Thank you to the entire staff for making my time enjoyable and encouraging me to get better!”

-Madison Stewart

“Great improvement throughout the weeks I’ve been coming. Hope to keep up the good work. The staff was wonderful to me.”

-Anne Fulbright

“I’ve had two different times before I came here. I started with aquatic therapy first and then moved to land therapy. I have seen the most results with Triangle Therapeutics than any other place. They made me capable to leave here and go to the Wellness Center to continue strengthening on my own. I feel like I can do so without any limitations. Thank y’all so much! For 6 years, I’ve wanted to feel normal and I think I’m finally there. I would definitely come back here if I ever have to receive therapy again!”

-Sarah Swiderski

“In April 2014, I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder, which had gradually worsened over a three month period to the point of not being able to use that arm much at all. Dr. Isabell told my wife immediately following surgery that my shoulder looked like an explosion had taken place in it. The surgery was almost three times as long as a normally done. I was distressed concerning the amount of pain and lack of movement possible. I came to Triangle with fading hope, but the staff and personnel worked diligently to carry out the exercises. Today, I can function normally and I am grateful for all of the dedication that Triangle Therapeutics has.”

-James Blackwell

“[Therapy] has given me the motivation to continue stretching the muscles I forgot I had! I feel much better after my therapy!”

-Donna Joao

“I have been to treated very well by all of the staff members. When I felt bad I always got a smile from one of them and Chris would often sing for me! It made my day! Keep up the good work!”

-Ora Segura

“The therapy was extremely helpful with my foot problem and my feet are approximately 60-70% better!”

-Richard Funderburk

“Everyone has been so helpful during therapy! I still have some pain in my left lower hip when when walking, but my back seems to be doing okay at the present!”

-Pat Jacobs-Scalf

“I came here for physical therapy on my back. The exercises and machines that I worked with really helped me in many ways and the staff is so helpful! I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics for others.”


“The staff is fantastic! They made sure I understood how the therapy was helping my knee and they seemed invested in my recovery. If I ever need therapy again, Triangle Therapeutics will be my first choice!”

-Haley Bruyn

“[I came for my] neck and hip [which is still] very painful. Everyone did 100% to help remedy my pain but I feel it was well worth the time for me and them. Thanks to ALL of you for your kindness and concerns for my comfort!” 🙂

-Carmella Oesser

“It is so good to finally identify where my pain and discomfort is coming from and to get treatment that brings relief. I have been uncomfortable/suffering for years, assuming I would have to learn to “live with the pain.” Thank you, Triangle Therapeutics, for everything. I have a renewed hope.”

-Christa Hollier

“My pain [level] during my second round of physical therapy started at a 6. However, with the gentle but firm touch of Judy, my pain is just about gone. [A big] thank you to the staff who helped me.”

-Brenda Vaugn

“When I came I wasn’t walking well. Now I am able to walk better and without fear.”

-Allanah Dennis

“In June I had successful SI joint surgery. However, I still had pain in that area. My doctor orders physical therapy to see is that would take care of the lingering pain.Within three weeks, I could feel a definite improvement. After six weeks of physical therapy, I am pain free! I want to thank all of the dedicated staff who helped me achieve a full and pain free life!”

-Vicki Kimble

“I am very happy with the results and I will continue at home until I am rehabilitated.”

-Walter Tucker

“I highly recommend the therapist program here. When I began, my [shoulder and legs] were almost useless. I was ready to give up then. The therapists here gave me hope an they gave me clear and achievable solutions for my problem. Now I have a body that is working for me. The atmosphere there is very conducive to health and good therapy. It is relaxed, cheerful and friendly. Monica was my main therapist and she was wonderful! All my best to Chris, Jessica, Travis, Leonard and especially Monica for their care, creativity and knowledge!”

– Michael Matthis

“I started physical therapy in December. I was in a lot of pain and confused to where I was exactly hurting. It was hip, back and my nerve that was hindering me. As the weeks were passing, I noticed my strength coming back and my leg wasn’t giving out. My pain when I started was at a 4 or 5. Now I am at a 0. I enjoyed my experience. The staff made it fun. I will definitely come back if I ever need physical therapy again.”

– Terrance Guidry

“When I came here I could not put my hand through my left sleeve. Also, I could not stretch at all. I had not stretched in the last six months. I greatly benefitted from the physical therapy. Regular and methodical therapy is the key. The staff is well trained and courteous and greatly encourages patients to work harder and steadily. Now I have NO pain. I am completely healed thank to Triangle Therapeutics.”

-Madhu Panchal

“When I started coming to physical therapy I did not know if it was going to help, but the staff worked with me and to my surprise it really worked to help my issues. I appreciate everything you all have done.”

-Melissa Salazar

“I had pain in my right shoulder all the time and was taking pain killers to sleep at night. During physical therapy, they worked on my shoulder and it helped the pain get better. The more I worked at it the better I got. The staff that worked on me was great. They were always smiling and happy. I enjoyed coming to therapy.”

-Jimmy Kelley

“When I started out it was kind of uncomfortable and hard because I’ve injured myself more than once, but after working with Triangle Therapeutics, my ankle feels better than my right ankle and that’s a hug improvement for me! 🙂 Thank you guys for all of your help”

-Ellene Syrprion

“My story begins with a constant pain in my right shoulder. This pain was deep in my arm and chest. I came to Triangle not knowing what to expect. Monica and all the staff worked with me through exercise and muscle massage to alleviate my pain. My pain went from a 10 and slowly went down [as I went to therapy]. I did go to through a time when the pain went back to a 10, but Monica and the staff worked with me harder, showing me the correct ways to stretch muscle and they wouldn’t push me beyond my limits. Everyone made me feel comfortable and I slowly progressed. My pain went from a 10 to a 0! I got better and better each day. I’m glad I was encouraged to stick with their program. Triangle Therapeutics is the best!”

-Maxie Broussard

” I had a previous PT experience for my neck pain and it wasn’t as caring, friendly and enjoyable as this one. I truly enjoyed coming to each session and working with all the staff here – from the front desk to all of the fun personalities of the techs. I especially loved the professional attention and caring and detailed work that Monica did 1-on-1 with me every session. That made the biggest difference in my recovery and in my commitment to doing my part with physical therapy as well. I still live with some neck pain but not nearly as bad as when I first started PT. I will leave Triangle Therapeutics with a great experience and I will miss their great staff! I also left with told to maintain the progress I have made to live life with less pain everyday. Thanks everyone!”

– Monica Mejia-Hannaman [the other Monica. :)]

“My neck is much stronger. Before PT I couldn’t move my head to rinse shampoo when I showered and turning my head while driving. I have no problem with that now and it’s much better!”

– Mary Kelley

I had intense migraine pain when I began my therapy. I began to have a lot less pain in my head and neck after a few weeks of therapy. Thank you guys so much!”

– Latonya Jones

“I somehow hurt my shoulder and went to the doctor to have x-rays and a CAT scan done. The CAT scan showed a possible tear, then I went to a surgeon and he said he wasn’t sure it was a tear. He sent me to Triangle Therapeutics before he was to perform surgery. The first day I was there, I was sure they could help me. Their attitude was great and I was confident that they could fix me because after the first day, I already felt improvement. Each day the pain was less than the day before and movement in my shoulder and arm was much better. The therapist worked with me very hard so that I could receive the best progress from each exercise. I am sorry I cannot remember everyone by name, but I will never forget what each one did for me from the front office to the back. I thank Monica and the techs like Katrina and the guy with the beard (Leonard) for their good work and caring attitude.”

– Henry Boyd Bowers

“My name is Greg and I’m a cancer survivor. I had a rare type of tumor that grew in my hand that required radiation and surgery to cure. As a result of the treatment, I lost a lot of strength and mobility that most didn’t think I would be able to fully recover from. Soon after my surgery, I injured the shoulder on the same side of the injured hand. Even with the adversity, the therapists and staff at Triangle were able to accurately access and develop a therapy plan that was able to rehabilitate both my hand and shoulder almost back to what they were capable of prior to being diagnosed with cancer. I’m very thankful for everything they did for me here. It really has benefitted me for the rest of my life.”

– A. Greg Voegal

“I feel the pool therapy benefitted me because it cured other areas of my body that also hurt. I could not climb stairs like a normal person and always took a ramp if available. Now I can climb stairs. No more pain when getting up from a sitting position. Land therapy helped me to know what exercises to do to improve my back pain. I feel like I have benefitted tremendously!”

– Linda Griggs

“When I first started, my back injury kept me from being able to do every day simple tasks. I couldn’t bend over, lift anything or sit for more than five minutes. After a month of therapy here I can now do everything I was doing before I got hurt. I personally like the fact that I have five different therapists [and techs] come and give their input on my injury. Each one did something different which helped me in a different way. With all of the different input they have helped me get back to normal. Thank you to the entire staff at Triangle Therapeutics!”

– Anthony Pete

“After shoulder surgery I was unable to raise my arm more than a few inches. I can to Triangle Therapeutics for physical therapy in order to heal and to increase my strength . The therapy has been challenging. I now have full range of motion and very little pain. The atmosphere and the therapists are all superb! They really cared for my well being and kept the experience fun and safe and they kept my spirits up when I felt progress too slow. As a teacher, I am required to write on the board daily and was unable to do so. My therapist created a special exercises to increase my strength and stamina and I can now easily do my job. I would recommend their place to anyone I meet! Thanks for everything!

– Karen Woods

“I started physical therapy due to an injury on my knee. I went to the doctor and tried anti-inflammatory medication which helped somewhat. When [my doctor] physical therapy, I agreed to it. My first visit immediately pinpointed my injury and I was impressed. By faithfully coming twice a week and slowly building up my strength, I could tell my pain was subsiding. I know I will have to continue my exercises even though I’m done coming to Triangle Therapeutics. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable so that made my visits enjoyable. Thanks to all of the staff!

–Barbara Berkley

“Great place to go if you need therapy. I had a right rotator cuff injury, had surgery in May and was referred to Triangle Therapeutics for rehab. When I arrived for evaluation, I could not do anything with my arm but thankfully my therapists were very encouraging and helpful. I somehow did not do enough exercises at home home and had a frozen shoulder. I had shoulder manipulation under anesthesia. My therapist, Monica, is wonderful and she encouraged me to do more exercises at home. Thankfully I have no pain and I have great movement. I also have scoliosis. and had limits, but think I can do anything now!”

-Dorrette Shakes

” When I first came to Triangle Therapeutics, I was hurting bad. After a few treatments I could tell a big difference in my condition. I could stand longer and even walk a little better than before. I would recommend Triangle to anyone that needs help.”

-Patricia Lindsey

“This had been the most amazing group of people. When I started my doctors did not have much hope that I would walk too well. The therapists here not only challenge your body, but they inspire you to do more and they are excited when you succeed. I went from being on a walker with a hip replacement revision and a paralyzed foot, to walking a mile on a treadmill and on ground. I recommend them to anyone who wants their life back. I am eternally grateful.”

-Kari Yancey

“I came here on the first day in tears from a hamstring injury that had my entire leg in knots. I could not walk a quarter mile, when normally I could walk at least 3 miles a day. After persistent therapy, I can now walk 2 miles, pain free. I look forward to once again being back to my 3 mile walk. I thank God and my therapists.”

-Rene Beard

“When I came to Triangle Therapeutics, I had been in pain for about 3 months and was hurting in my left shoulder. I had also lost mobility in my arm. When Eric first worked on me, it was painful but I could left my own arm higher than I could in months. Then Monica and the trainers worked with me each week, adding new exercises all the time. I loved the positive attitude everyone had because it gave me a better outlook on my recovery. I now have my mobility back in my arm and shoulder. I am back doing almost everything I did before my injury. I will continue to exercise to strengthen my arm. A special thanks to Monica for her care and concern.”

-Algie Holmes

“Everyone was so professional, personable and knowledgeable about my therapy. Wonderful people to work with! I appreciated wach and everyone of them for their efforts in helping with my therapy. A personal thank you to each of them!”

-Jareda Rosemon

“I started PT after knee surgery and came in with a severe limp and pain in the knee. I had slow progression during the initial therapy sessions. Pain level remained and my limp did not improve. During the 11th and 12th visit, I noticed some improvement and knew I could get back to normal. I requested additional therapy and started 10 more sessions. During the 2nd round of therapy the pain went away and strengthening in both legs helped improve my walking. I finished the last half of the 2nd round with no pain and much improved walking. I tried sp,e golf and had no pain or problem with my knee but could not say the same for my swing. I will now be joining the gym (+BEYOND Fitness) and starting a regular exercise program.”

-Albert Duffel

“The staff here is amazing, super friendly and worked to have Jaxon have full use of his elbow again.I would recommend [Triangle] to anyone!”

-Jaxon LeBlanc

“I came to Triangle Therapeutics because my patella would pop out of place and hurt. The exercises really helped strengthen the movement around my knees and helped with the numbness in my feet. The employees here are fantastic!”

-Patricia Bamber

“When I first started coming here I was in horrible pain. I was always crying after running because my coaches didn’t think anything was wrong. I was in so much pain and then my moms friends referred me here and my grandma came here and she said it was a good place. I started coming here in July and I can tell a huge difference but I still have moderate pain here and there, but I love this place and the staff is really cool!”

-Alexis Copeland

“My experience with Triangle Therapeutics has been nothing but pleasant. Working with the people, especially Monica, made me feel well taken care of and as if my recovery was important to everyone. I would recommend Triangle Therapeutics to every one of my friends and family. Note to Monica – You love what you do and it shows. I could feel it during every one of our sessions. You challenged me in every way and it paid off in improvements that were better and faster than I ever expected.”

-Gary Cobb

“I thank God for the opportunity of trying out another place for therapy. Triangle Therapeutics has surpassed my expectations and helped me to continue to enjoy doing some of the things that I love to do. Having MS limits my activities and Triangle Therapeutics was helped me so much. They show genuine concern and their encouragement really makes you want to do better and encourage others. I am still not where I want to be yet, but I am much farther along than I thought I would ever be. My wife has seen improvements in my various areas and so have my doctors!”

-John W. Joseph

“When I came here, I had a rotary cuff problem on my left shoulder. I couldn’t raise my arms above my shoulder. My arm was very weak. I have improved so much [since therapy]. My pain level is 0-1, coming from 6-7. I would recommend [Triangle Therapeutics] to anyone who needs some type of therapy.”

-Geraldine Dawson

“I started therapy because of problems with my shoulders.I could not reach overhead, put a shirt or jacket on without help, or pick up even light grocery bags. I even woke up several times a night due to pain. Now I can reach straight up, go shopping and get dressed without help and sleep at night without waking! I am almost totally pain free and my strength has greatly improved. I am doing things I thought I would never be able to do again!
Therapy at Triangle Therapeutics has been life changing!
Thanks to Dustin and George!

-Ellen McIntosh

“As an MS patient, physical therapy is extremely important! This disease attacks different parts of the body at different times. Relearning to walk, swallow, [even] folding a blanket is truly a process. I have been to several different rehabilitation centers and have had many different home exercise plans. This is the first time in two years that I was given an explanation on the muscle to use, how to move correctly and get the most out of my home therapy plan! I have joined a fitness place and am looking forward to continuing my work out!”

-Jennifer Mertens

“I started at Triangle Therapeutics in September 2015 for five and a half weeks. I had surgery on my right knee on December 14, 2015. I resumed therapy that Thursday. I do not have pain anymore and I do not have to use my walker anymore. I would like to thank everyone that helped me to reach my initial goals of driving without pain again.”

-Vera Bailey-Ceaser

“When I started therapy, I was in a great deal of pain and could walk only with a cane. After the first day the pain was 90% and I no longer required a cane.”

-Benita Smith

“I came in having vertigo all the time. The doctor told me that I had crystals in my inner ear and needed therapy to help move the crystals back in to place. Monica evaluated me and told me they were going to work on the vertigo and balance. The [tech] would stay close to me as I would do rocking back and forth and rocking front to back exercises while standing. Then I was shown how to balance on one leg for a certain period of time and repeat it on the other leg. Later on I was shown how to look at a spot on the mirror while rotating my head back and forth and up and down. Each of these exercises improved my balance. When I finished those exercises and a few more, Monica would do maneuvers with my head. She’d turn my head 45 degrees then lay me down. I would lay there until the dizziness stopped. She would watch my eyes jump around until they stopped. She said that was when it would end and she did it several more times. This continued each time [until eventually] I was symptom-free. Se then taught me how to do some exercises at home should my symptoms begin again. Monica made sure I felt safe with each exercise I did until I was [free of the vertigo].”

-Jean Jones

“I needed physical therapy due to MVA. I had a wonderful experience at the Beaumont location. From the initial phone call to my “graduation day,” the staff was wonderful and always treated me as a person, not just as a patient. They were always checking and making sure I was comfortable. My pain has lessened and mobility improved greatly! I highly recommend Triangle Therapeutics!”

-Devin Wade


“I love the staff! Everyone is so friendly and treats every patient as an individual! I have learned many great exercises to help me reduce pain! I would recommend Triangle to anyone!”

-Staci Wolfford

“I came to Triangle with an inner thigh injury. I had trouble walking, sleeping and doing everyday functions. Dustin and his crew, especially Cody, really listened to me and tailored to my work out to suit my pain and endurance level. I left every thing to the professionals at Triangle and they had me back to normal in 12 sessions. I trust Dustin and his group completely with my therapy and because of them I feel great. I would come back here if I needed therapy again!”

-Isaac Pabon

“When I first came to Triangle, I had my doubts because of the past experience with my therapy over 20 years ago. At the end of my treatment when I was measured, to my surprise, my mobility had considerably increased. Thanks to all that assisted in my treatment. I truly appreciate your dedication and care of you patients.”

-Melanie Babineaux

“I feel that I have showed improvement from coming here. When I first started it hurt to sit, stand, walk and was not sleeping. It has taken awhile but I have improved quite a bit. I still have pain depending on what I am doing. Kayla was exceptional when working with me. She is awesome at what she does, and I must add it seems that everyone here is. I did not work with all of the employees but I have observed them and they are very serious in helping but yet friendly and have great personalities.

-Jeanette Morgan

“I have had four back surgeries and had physical therapy after each one. This has been the best therapy so far. I feel I’ve had the correct exercises but the best results have happened after Allen gave me the [trigger point dry] needle treatments. I’m in very little pain now and I would not hesitate to return for more treatments if necessary.”


– Sandra Goodwin

“I was sent to therapy because of pain in my right bicep. Mr Eric felt my bicep and I was lucky – he told me nothing was torn but that he could fix it. [He told me lie down and that I might feel my muscles jump a little bit. I found out that he was doing dry needling on my arm and I was in NO pain by Sunday. We spent the next few weeks getting my arm stronger and I was able to be released in three weeks instead of four weeks. The staff is great and they really care for you.]”

-Lydia White

“Triangle Therapeutics is a SUPER place. The employees are great and have a lovely attitude. I came in with neck and shoulder pains at about a 5 [on the pain scale.] Now I’m leaving with a pain level of 0! I recommend that is you have pain, please visit Triangle Therapeutics!”

-Diane Brown

“I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendonitis in mid-2015. Therapy at Triangle Therapeutics helped strengthen my shoulder prior to the surgery. After my surgery in January 2016, Triangle Therapeutics helped me get back to work and have pain-free, full range of motion by April. The staff is super nice and have concern for their clients.”

-S.K. Tolley

“I have enjoyed the individualized, one-on-one treatment that I received from Triangle Therapeutics. The entire staff works very well together. They are a very conscientious and hard working group! I am feeling much better following the 18 therapy sessions. If I am referred to therapy again, Triangle Therapeutics will be my number one choice.
Here’s wishing everyone a joyful and fun-filled summer!”

-Marian Boone

“My therapy was given to me very professionally. They treated my condition with the best of concern given to me as a patient. If I ever need therapy again in the future they will be my first choice. Thank you guys – you got me back to myself. Deepest appreciation sent out to you.”

-Mildred Hayes

“When I first started my treatment I was hurting bad but four weeks later I am feeling good and can do a lot more!”

-Floyd Scalf

“Therapy has definitely helped my back since surgery. I can now walk and stand longer without pain. I am sure that because of therapy, when my fusion heals, I will be in better condition without pain.”

-Arhonda Eugene


“This facility is very friendly and treats everyone with respect. I have been in two other therapy clinics and this one is my favorite because of the knowledge and respectful treatment of all the patients. The exercises I learned will be beneficial at home as well.”

-Shirley McWilliams

“Triangle Therapeutics is a clinic of physical therapists and assistants that greet you with warm likeness and it makes you feel welcome and you want to continue your therapy here because the staff is truly awesome.”

-K. Molina

“When I first came to therapy I was in a lot of pain and had no movement. I had a slight tear in my rotator cuff and a frozen shoulder. Everyone at Triangle Therapeutics was extremely helpful in my explaining my condition. After some therapy and some painful exercises my shoulder began to get better. And now I am able to do the things that I could do before I injured my shoulder without the help from anyone. [Without everyone at Triangle Therapeutics,] and especially Kayla, I could not be back at 100%. I am truly grateful and have new friend for a life time.”

-Greg Freeman

“I am very pleased with the staff have and my program has worked for me after knee surgery. I can now bend and my left knee as before with the thanks to the staff. I am using it better and it doesn’t hurt! Thank you!

-Rose Prejean

“I have never had any issues where I needed therapy so after having knee surgery, it was kind of difficult on what to expect. I really want to thank the team here at Triangle Therapeutics for guiding me through this process. The people here are great and are very knowledgeable and professional. Having knee surgery wasn’t in my plans but I’m very glad to have the people here at Triangle Therapeutics to help me out. Thanks!”

-James Bouget

“When I came to Triangle Therapeutics, I honestly didn’t think that I would get any better. I had sharp back pain every day and muscle spasms every time I would try to relax.With the help of the kind therapists, I was able to manage/make my pain better. I was also able to lift weights towards the end of my treatment. I am very thankful that I am able to get my life back. Thank you, Triangle Therapeutics!”


“I came here to get help for the pain. I was in a lot of pain in my neck and I could hardly turn it at all. My hips were in a lot of pain as well and had difficulty with walking and my balance. With the help of my therapist, Monica, and the techs I have no pain in my hips, my legs are stronger and my balance is much better. I can walk a mile, which I haven’t been able to do, and I’m able to do my daily work like I used to. My neck is where I can turn it with no pain. I am grateful that me attitude is better, too!”



“I had a shoulder injury that developed over some time. When I came to the office I was unable to lift any more than a few pounds and unable to lift my arm over my head. Over the course of therapy I was able to regain range of motion in my arm and gain my strength back. This is a huge success to me as my job is very physical as a firefighter.”

-Wayne Freeman

“When I started physical therapy, I was having painful episodes in my left shoulder and prevented movement of any kind. I sought help from several doctors with various opinions and one finally suggested PT. I was skeptical at first because I was sure there was more to my pain than a muscle issue, but was grateful for potential treatment. My first day here, the therapists pushed and poked and were able to duplicate the episodes. The therapist was certain it was a muscle weakness issue in my non-dominant arm. I’m not going to lie, the first few sessions were painful, but eventually, I felt my shoulder gaining strength. I started using the machines in the gym and was able to increase weight and reps fairly quickly. I could feel my muscles getting stronger. I haven’t had any episodes since starting at Triangle Therapeutics weeks ago. I’m proud of myself for challenging myself each time I came here and I’m looking forward to strengthening my arms on my own. If you are looking for advice – success doesn’t happen overnight, but in the end it is worth it! Keep it up! Thanks to Monica, Katrina and everyone else who helped build me back up! I’m going to miss you!”

-Heather Russell